What is Data Breach? How you protect yourself in the online world?

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What is Data Breach?

Website hacked data of millions of users leaked it feels like every day we hear about a new data breach. so “what does it mean speaking in broad terms a data breach happens?” when sensitive data falls into the hands of someone who has no business handling it so if a hacker extracts your credit card information it’s a breach. But the release of data can also be unintentional if you forget your USB flash drive in a coffee shop and someone finds it and views your photos it’s also a data breach usually we hear of data breaches when a company fails to keep its data secure surprisingly this spells more trouble for us.

  • Why you leave a lot of information online?
  • How old you are what you like?
  • How much you earn?
  • What did you buy?

The above data is precious to any advertiser that’s why various websites and apps collect it making hackers lives much easier now in one attack they can steal hundreds of millions of collected details your personal details

How you protect yourself in the online world?

you need more security well besides using stronger passwords encrypting your traffic with a VPN and avoiding malware you have to be stingy with your personal data if you use a free service it’s probably not free you’re just paying for it in another way.

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