Top 10 Certifications For 2021 | Highest Paying IT Certifications

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The pandemic, if not anything, has definitely presented organizations with an opportunity  to assess their IT infrastructures and think 
about deploying robust and advanced solutions, and to us common folks, to leverage this time to upskill and get an edge in this industry.  

Not just that, the google trend suggests that interests in IT certifications have gone up by 40% between May and  October this year alone.

Top 10 IT Certifications for the year 2021

that might give you a leg up in your career. Also, understand that this list is purely subjective and does not claim to be the absolute ranking.

#1 Cybersecurity

Now as the world grapples with this unprecedented pandemic in the name of COVID-19, working remotely has become the new form.  
But this brings with it a lot of cyber threats due to remote access of IT infrastructures, use of collaborative tools as well as the availability of enterprise data on endpoint devices. At a time like this, Cybersecurity professionals are the unsung heroes, pivotal against potential cyber-attacks ranging from attack mitigation to penetration testing. All of this is covered in industry renowned certifications like the





Now, these certifications are slightly pricey for sure. But it all starts to come together and make sense once you start making up to 215,000 USD or 29 lakhs per annum in India from companies such as FireEye, HackerOne, Society Generale, Dell and NetApp.  

#2 Cloud Architect

Now, over the past decade, there has hardly been an area in IT that has generated as much hype, interest, or investment as Cloud Computing  IDC predicts an overall compounded five-year interest rate of 22% for all cloud service providers which sums up to 277 billion USD. Now cloud has become a permanent fixture for end users, service providers, and organizations of all sizes, which is why it has garnered so much attention and coverage from cloud certification providers as well as cloud-related product deliverers such as AWS, GCP, VMware, and Azure. Now, there has been a skill gap in the Cloud Computing industry which lends itself to a really high.
The average salary of 153,000 USD in the USand 30LPA in India to skilled professionals who can prove their expertise using certifications.  

#3 Project Management and  IT Service Management

Now, global growth is estimated to be 5.4% for the year 2021.  Now, this leaves the GDP by about 6.5% lower than what was predicted pre-COVID.  At economic despair like this, stakeholders and consumers alike, need that level of assurance that the person handling their products has the ability, has the experience as well as expertise to define, plan and deliver the products effectively.
So, what better way to show? 
This level of proficiency than a certification! Now, there are a number of different certifications in this field. You have

Now, these certifications don’t just show your competency as a manager but also bump up those digits in your salary. And best of all, by using these certifications you are not just confined to one industry or field.  As you know the wide number of job-openings from companies such as Sunsilk and P&G. and technology companies such as SEIMENS and Ubisoft

#4 DevOps

Nowadays, most companies are looking at DevOps as a whole cultural change as opposed to just a buzzword. Now,  with the increased demand for rapid developmental strategies as well as the constant requirement of application deployment, it is only obvious that the requirement for DevOps experts is only going to grow in the coming years. Now obtaining a DevOps certification is one way for potential candidates not just to validate their skill set but also gain that competitive edge over other competitors for the same position. The top certifications in the market are for Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Chef, and Kubernetes. 
Apart from that, there are also certifications from Azure and AWS which are namely the Azure DevOps Solutions Expert Certification and the AWS DevOps Engineer Certification.
The average salary for a Certified DevOps Expert goes up to 155,000 USD in the US and 21 lakhs in India. And when you are certified as a DevOps Expert or a DevOps Engineer, you can land a job in any of the companies such as Honeywell, Wipro, Cisco, Dell, and IBM.

#5 DataBase Admin

Now, over the past three decades, we have seen a lot of database platforms come and go. But there has never been a question that database is a crucial component for all computing tasks. Now DBA(Database Admin) certifications might not be as bleeding-edge as cloud computing or computer forensics but savvY, talented, and knowledgeable DBAs and professionals are welcome anytime anywhere. Now  IBM’s Professional Database Administrator, Microsoft SQL Server Database Certification, Oracle’s Certified Professional, SAP HANA, and Salesforce are some of the market’s leading certifications in DBA. Now, in part, this conveys the maturity of the database as a technology and also its integral contribution to many computing tasks in companies such as Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, and Society Generale.
So, DBAs and Database professionals get paid as high as 113,000 USD in the US and 15 lakhs per annum in India

#6 Digital Marketing

Now globally, the Digital Marketing industry is worth 190 billion dollars, which leaves opportunities for the rest of us to be a part of this lucrative industry. There are a couple of certifications in Digital Marketing, namely the Google Analytics IQ or the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google. These certifications are designed to make you proficient in areas such as Search Engine Optimization  Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, Content Marketing,  E-mail and Mobile Marketing. All of these certifications get you industry ready to get  hired in companies such as Etsy, Ebay, Walmart and Amazon for more than comfortable incomes.  

#7 Networking

Before we start to understand and weigh the Pros and Cons of Networking Certifications, let’s break this one down a little bit. Now simply put, networking helps you assess, sustain and configure computer hardware and operating systems. It helps you evaluate and alleviate risks on your system as well as select the technologies and network design.
Which will help prevent and defend, also resolve your IT problems. This is a broad skill set which definitely puts networking professionals on top of the food chain and always in demand. 
Now you could do it, too, if you got certified by
CompTIA Security+

as well as Red Hat Certifications. Once certified you could land into companies like  Cisco, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and HCL for comfortable salaries like 143,000 USD or 14 lakhs in India on an average.

#8 Programming and Web Development

In this digital age, most IT domains expect you to have a strong grasp of one programming language and sometimes even more. This makes coding a very bankable prospect and certifications only strengthen your chance at that lucrative job offer. With new platforms, even kids are learning to code.  
So 10 years down the line, the market will not be as less competitive as it is today. So the time  for you to act is right now. You can learn any language. Python, Java, Node, CSS, HTML, JavaScript.  
Now tech giants like  Amazon, Facebook, Ubisoft and Google are ready to pay up to 170,000 USD or up to 30 lakhs in India, based on skills, experience and geography, to coders and web developers.

#9 Big Data and Data Engineering

In today’s world data has become a critical corporate asset. It is redefining core competencies, core operations as well as entire business models. Now, this is directly proportional to the increase in the number of certifications for Big Data and Data Engineering.  Some very popular ones are Cloudera Certified Professional, Hortonworks Hadoop Certification, SAS,  Big data Pro or IBM Big Data Engineer.
Technologies related to Big Data such as HDFS,  MapReduce, Yarn, Sqoop, Flume, etc. in a highly detailed and comprehensive fashion helping you land market giants like Facebook, Walmart, Societe Generale, and JP Morgan for salaries as high as 155000 USD or 36 lakhs in India. Finally, on our list, we have Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certifications.

#10 AI and ML

Now, that is how we find out solutions to most of the world’s problems today so isn’t it a brilliant idea of occupying our brain function in the more important tasks and letting smart machines deal  with the monotony. This is what makes AI such a popular career choice, if not the most, it has seen a growth of 344% in the trends in the past few years. Also, the base salary of AI and ML  Engineers is about 146,000USD. Now AI and ML have created close to 2 million jobs and there is more to come. I’m talking about Data Scientists, ML Architects, AI Architects and many more that  come under the same umbrella. Now market leaders like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal  and Google have hiked up maximum salary figures up to 175,000 USD, globally.

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