How to Build a Portfolio? and why it is important for developers?

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Hi, I am Ankur from the coding community and in this post, we will see how to build a portfolio?

Before I get started I’m gonna take a moment to go over why a portfolio is valuable, to have and you may be asking yourself why to have a portfolio let me give you a few reasons why a portfolio is valuable to prospective employers or clients want to see your current body of work just seeing trust me I can do this is it enough you’re asking them to take a leap of faith without showing them you even know how to jump secondly a portfolio brings credibility because it showcases your work.

you are proving what you are capable of by taking your code and turning it into completed projects lastly this also has the benefit of being an online resume consider this to be a marketing tool when a person visually sees what you have accomplished that makes a greater impact than just reading about your skills through a resume do you make sure to put in your contact information social media and specialized skills let’s treat the portfolio as a set of stairs as a beginner.

How shows projects on portfolio online?

you may be concerned with where you should start so at the bottom step I’m gonna recommend Github projects they’re already available for you to use and as you put them in your portfolio it shows your commitment to learning if you’re unsure on what projects to choose just pick ones that catch your interests in your specific path or any of them in the catalog.

Now after you’ve done that we’re gonna head to the next step which is to build a project on your own try to pick something you’re interested in and if you’re not sure what you’re interested in one thing to take a look at their websites and maybe redesign them.

Redesigning Process

Let’s take a quick overview of the redesign process first come up with a plan this site is outdated what modern look could I use to give the site a fresh design if I’m not sure I’m gonna look at comparable businesses any site that looks new

  • what elements of that site I could fit in the theme of the business
  • Redesigning.
  • Make sure to write this information down the worst thing that can happen is
  • Find some inspiration but because they didn’t write it down forgot where.
  • Let’s start with wireframing consider wireframes to be outlines of your website.

Tip: They don’t need to be perfect they’re just general guidelines don’t be afraid to make changes because of something that you end up not liking later on lastly don’t be afraid to experiment or make mistakes play around with colors positioning CSS tricks

Learn and Grow Everyday

whatever else you may like to try this is all part of the learning process remember the long term goal here is an improvement, not perfection after you built your project on your own you may be wondering what to do next the answer is to keep building and I want to explain this further even though there is no fixed number having two to three projects that you have built on your own is a good starting point part of the value in doing your portfolio is to show improvement and growth with your skillset maybe after doing two to three projects you’re having trouble with finding inspiration on project ideas a good alternative is to add features to your existing projects keep building can also mean keep iterating. your first site could be built on HTML and CSS then you’re feeling uninspired to build a second site take advantage of this site.

Add some vanilla JavaScript to this to expand your skillset then your next site may have all the features of this first site expand your skillset again by adding a framework like react now lastly you can take your react app move it to the next level by building it back in using nodejs whether it is through making new projects or adding to your existing ones the goal is to keep building so what happens when you reach the top of the stairs well that leads to the step of cleaning up and what its mean by that is

we’re gonna clean up your portfolio remove older projects that no longer reflect your skill level. if you have too many projects your portfolio can be overwhelming and you may not want to showcase that project you did four or five years ago.

Refactoring Portfolio

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time and refactoring your portfolio and making it more up-to-date and relevant with today’s technology now what if you aren’t doing front-end do you still need a portfolio well if you’re doing Python data science or machine learning the earlier reasons to have a portfolio still apply.

Using GitHub

Code up on Github is you can convert your front-end code into a GitHub page and this is a free service for using Github. so you don’t have to worry about any out-of-pocket cost for python and other related languages store your completed project code on Github.

I mentioned earlier that make sure to include instructions on how to use your code and they expect it output from your program a great place to put this information would be in the readme file of your repository along with our GitHub. why we recommend GitHub is that almost every major tech company uses git this makes you more hireable you are putting your portfolio on a platform where many companies are already familiar with by doing this you’ve created an additional marketable skill why not take advantage of this platform and increase your skillset to add to your portfolio.

why you should have a portfolio?

A portfolio helps your marketability whether it is to be hired by the employer or a client as a freelancer second we talked about what to put in your portfolio I gave them the analogy of climbing the stairs to help you I gave a suggested starting point and discuss what to do when you got to the top what you do in the middle is up to you last we talked about hosting I went over different hosting options and in the end.

we recommended GitHub I did so with the goal of market building in mind while hoping to direct you to another skill set that is commonly expected to have from prospective employers.

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